We offer accounting services to small and medium-sized companies in various fields. Services we offer.

Start - ups

We advise you on choosing the right company form.  In addition, we can offer even a small company a professional and easy-to-use accounting solution at an affordable price.  This will allow you to start building your business on a solid foundation from the start.

  • the choice of the right form of company, taking into account tax considerations and the assessment of company law obligations
  • preparation of the company’s founding documents
  • drafting agreements between shareholders
  • Establishment and implementation of sound financial management

We also offer the following services for start-ups:

  • Preparation of a business plan and budget calculations
  • Opening of the company’s banking services
  • Opening up corporate insurance services
  • Corporate bank loan applications
  • Occupational health care agreements In addition to the above, we also provide the following services for start-up restaurant companies
  • Alcohol license applications  Required payment services (Cash Register Systems and Payment Terminal + other payment instrument services
  • Self-monitoring plan for food control (Oiva inspection)


The most important thing in accounting is that it is done correctly and on time.  Our customers receive up-to-date and reliable accounting information.

  • preparation of accounts
  • a cost center-specific calculation is performed
  • project monitoring is maintained
  • regulatory announcements Payroll Calculation and payment
  • calculate salaries
  • holiday and final account calculations are made Reporting and official notifications
  • mailing payrolls to employees
  • the employer pays the taxpayer
  • prepare and pay monthly withholding and war accounts
  • prepare annual declarations for the taxpayer and the insurance company

Other services

Financial statements and tax returns

We handle the financial statements and tax returns of partnerships and limited companies.

Sales invoicing

Sales invoices are conveniently created in an electronic system.  We take care of sending invoices and tracking receivables on your behalf.

Accounts receivable and collection

We take care of purchase and sales ledger services separately to suit each of our customers.  We use the recycling of purchase invoices.

Payment transactions

We handle the payment transaction and electronic invoice processing process on your behalf.

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